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Permanent Make Up

Discover the beauty of lasting perfection with our Permanent Makeup services. Elevate your natural allure as our skilled artists enhance your features with precision and artistry. Wake up to a radiant and effortlessly polished look, freeing you from the daily makeup routine. Unveil the confidence that comes with timeless beauty, tailored just for you

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup
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Consultation - Free 

Book a free consultation and let's discuss your beauty goals.

Lip Contur - £250

Experience fuller, well-defined, and shapely lips with this treatment. Similar to how contouring enhances the definition of your cheeks, contouring your lips adds depth and dimension, achieving a more sculpted and refined appearance.

Lip Blushing - £250

Revitalize your natural lip color, correct asymmetry, and add subtle fullness with our Lip Blush treatment. A gentle brush of sheer, soft-colored pigment creates a beautifully natural look, ideal for those seeking a subtle and nuanced enhancement.

Neutralizing Dark Lips - £350

Transform dark or cool-toned lips with our specialized treatment, Neutralizing Dark Lips Color. This groundbreaking technique is tailored to correct and neutralize lip darkness, helping you achieve the desired look with precision and expertise.

Lip Treatment Top Ups - £150

Top up on your lip treatments after 4-6 weeks for a discounted price

Eyebrow Treatments - £270

Transform your brows with our Eyebrow Service, featuring three techniques: Hybrid for realistic density, Ombre for soft powder-filled brows, and Powder Effect for a natural shaded look. Custom pigments match your brow color, and numbing cream ensures a pain-free experience. Choose artistry that speaks volumes and frames your face effortlessly. Book your session now for stunning, long-lasting brows

Top Ups - £120

Top up on your eyebrow treatments after 4-6 weeks for a discounted price

Eyeliner Treatments - £270

Define your gaze with our Eyeliner Treatments:

  • Semi-Permanent: Smudge-proof allure for top, bottom, or both lash lines.

  • Classic: Stunning regular eyeliner for a timeless look.

  • Latino: Bold, Sophia Loren-inspired drama for a sexy appearance

Top Ups - £120

Top up on your eyeliner treatments after 4-6 weeks for a discounted price

Eye Lash Enhancement - £150

Transform small eye lashes with our treatment, adding pigment between lash roots for the illusion of fuller lashes. Ideal for those with sparse or absent lashes, it's especially beneficial for men with smaller eyes, accentuating their gaze for an attractive look.

Top Ups - £100

Top up on your eye lash treatments after 4-6 weeks for a discounted price

Beauty Spot - £60

Enhance your charm with our Beauty Spot treatment. This procedure adds a subtle beauty mark, providing a touch of allure. Perfect for those who want a timeless and understated addition to their look, our Beauty Spot PMU is a customizable service that adds a unique and attractive detail

Top Up - £40

Top up on your beauty spot after 4-6 weeks for a discounted price

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