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Facials & Massages

Explore our rejuvenating facial and massage services tailored for ultimate relaxation. From revitalizing facials to tension-melting massages, our skilled therapists enhance your natural glow. Book your session now for a blissful escape, and experience the transformative power of our spa services in Guildford.

Pouring Massage Oil
Head Massage
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Swedish Full Body Massage - £50

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our Swedish Full Body Massage. Relieve stress, improve circulation, and enhance relaxation as our skilled therapists use gentle strokes and kneading techniques. Feel tension melt away, promoting overall well-being and leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage - £50

Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, tailored to your preferences. Let the soothing scents and skilled touch of our therapists melt away stress, promoting relaxation and leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated."

Relaxing Full Body Massage - £50

Let the expert touch of our therapists melt away tension, promoting deep relaxation throughout your body. Experience a moment of tranquility that rejuvenates your mind and body, leaving you refreshed and ready to embrace the day

Hot Oil Karma Head Massage - £40

Let the warm, aromatic oils and expert touch of our therapists soothe away stress and tension. This rejuvenating experience focuses on your head, neck, and shoulders, leaving you in a state of blissful harmony and tranquility.

Indian Head Massage - £35

Discover tranquility with our Indian Head Massage, a deeply relaxing experience that focuses on your head, neck, and shoulders. Let the skilled touch of our therapists alleviate tension and promote a sense of balance.

Upper Body Massage - £30

Revitalize your upper body with our specialized Upper Body Massage. Our skilled therapists focus on the neck, shoulders, and back, using soothing techniques to release tension and enhance relaxation.

Signature Facial - £45

Our signature facial offers a rejuvenating journey for your skin, featuring cleansing, toning, personalized skin analysis, an exfoliating mask, and moisturizing. This essential treatment is designed to refresh, smooth, and hydrate, laying the foundation for a radiant complexion.

Collagen Therapy Facial - £55

Revitalize your skin with our Collagen Therapy Facial. Our estheticians use specialized techniques and collagen-infused products to enhance skin elasticity and hydration. Treat yourself to this luxurious experience, leaving your skin firmer, refreshed, and glowing.

Deluxe Facial - £60

Our Deluxe Facial combines the core elements of our Signature Facial with luxurious additions: steamer/hot towel treatment, gentle extractions, and a soothing face massage. This enhanced experience deeply cleanses, clears, and revitalizes your skin, offering the ultimate in relaxation and radiance

Unwind (Facial & Massage) - £85

Discover tranquility with our 'Unwind' service, featuring a blissful blend of facial and massage. Our skilled therapists melt away tension, leaving you with refreshed, radiant skin and a tranquil mind. Indulge in the ultimate pampering for a blissful and revitalizing escape.

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