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Hair Loss Solutions

Rediscover a fuller, more vibrant head of hair with our Hair Loss Solutions at our beauty Salon in Guildford. Our specialized treatments, including Mesotherapy and Scalp Pigmentation, are designed to combat hair loss and stimulate natural regrowth. Experience the benefits of enhanced volume, improved texture, and a renewed sense of confidence. Our skilled professionals provide personalized solutions, ensuring effective and lasting results

Performing hair micropigmentation procedure First session.jpg

Scalp Pigmentation - From £250

Experience the transformative power of Scalp Pigmentation, an advanced procedure designed to address hair loss and restore a natural-looking hairline. Our skilled professionals use specialized techniques to apply pigments to the scalp, creating the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. This non-invasive solution provides immediate results, camouflaging thinning areas and enhancing the overall appearance.

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss - From 

Revitalize your hair with Mesotherapy for Hair Loss at our Guildford clinic. This non-invasive treatment injects a customized blend of nutrients into the scalp, promoting improved blood circulation and stimulating hair growth. Experience thicker, stronger hair with personalized sessions tailored to your needs

  • Small Area - £130

  • Half Head - £360

  • Full Head - £500

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